Customizing visualizations

You can customize the colors of your visualization by clicking the color dot next to each label to display the color picker.

An array of color dots that users can select

Enter a string in the Custom Label field to change the display label.

You can click the Advanced link to display more customization options for your metrics or bucket aggregation:

Exclude Pattern

Specify a pattern in this field to exclude from the results.

Include Pattern

Specify a pattern in this field to include in the results.

JSON Input

A text field where you can add specific JSON-formatted properties to merge with the aggregation definition, as in the following example:

{"script" : "doc['grade'].value * 1.2"}
In Elasticsearch releases 1.4.3 and later, this functionality requires you to enable dynamic Groovy scripting.

The availability of these options varies depending on the aggregation you choose.