Tag Cloud

A tag cloud visualization is a visual representation of text data, typically used to visualize free form text. Tags are usually single words, and the importance of each tag is shown with font size or color.

The font size for each word is determined by the metrics aggregation.

For more information, see Y-axis aggregations.

The buckets aggregations determine what information is being retrieved from your data set.

Before you choose a buckets aggregation, select the Split Tags option.

You can specify the following bucket aggregations for tag cloud visualization:


A terms aggregation enables you to specify the top or bottom _n elements of a given field to display, ordered by count or a custom metric.

You can customize your visualization. For more information, see Customizing visualizations.

Select the Options tab to change the following aspects of the chart:

Text Scale

You can select linear, log, or square root scales for the text scale. You can use a log scale to display data that varies exponentially or a square root scale to regularize the display of highly variable data sets.


You can select how to orientate your text in the tag cloud. You can choose one of the following options: Single, right angles and multiple.

Font Size

Enables you to set minimum and maximum font size to use for this visualization.

Viewing detailed information

For information on displaying the raw data, see see Inspecting visualizations.