Enabling jsreport integration

To enable jsreport support in Siren Investigate you will need to:

  1. Enable the jsreport reverse proxy

  2. Enable the Scripting API.

  3. Grant permissions to users to download reports.

System configuration

To enable the jsreport reverse proxy and the Scripting API, edit the investigate.yml configuration file and add the following snippet:

  enabled: true
    - 'setTimeout'
    - 'clearInterval'
    - 'setInterval'
    - 'React'
    - 'EUI'

  enabled: true

If jsreport is running on a different machine, you will need to specify the URL in the reporting.server.url setting, for example:

  enabled: true
    url: http://jsreport.local:5488

Restart Siren Investigate to apply the configuration changes.

After logging in as an administrative user you should be able to access the jsreport configuration UI at /reporting.

ACL permissions

After enabling the jsreport integration you will see two additional UI view permissions in ACL roles:

  • Access to the reporting server API: this permission is required to download reports generated from jsreport.

  • Access to the reporting server configuration: this permission is required to access the jsreport configuration and jsreport Studio through the reverse proxy.

To allow all Siren Investigate users to download reports you can add the first permission to the everyone role.

The permission to download reports.

Next steps

To create a script that downloads one of the sample jsreport templates see Validating jsreport integration.