Documentation guide

This topic is a guide to the formatting and conventions that are used in the Siren Platform and Siren Federate documentation.

If you are viewing this documentation online at, the version that you are viewing is for the latest release. If you want to view the documentation for a specific patch version, see the index page.

If you are viewing this documentation offline (after clicking a link in the Siren Investigate user interface), then the content you are accessing is specific to the exact version that is installed.

To find out which version is installed, log into Siren Investigate and click Management to view the information about the product.

Formatting conventions

Table 1. Formatting conventions
Item Example

User interface label


User input



Management → Advanced settings

Keyboard key


Keyboard combination


File names and paths


Program listing

some code

some more code


1. First step.

2. Second step.

Callout messages

Equipment damage or loss of data may occur.
Stop before performing the action.
Reader take note.
A required action.
A suggested action.