Global Search interface

You can use the global search field to search all records or to search a specific entity table within a dataspace. In the global search field, you can enter search terms and Siren Investigate returns matches as you type.

Search bar

  1. Go to Dashboard.

  2. In the sidebar, enter a search term into the search field. Enter at least two characters in the search field to return matches.

  3. Select the entity tables that you want to search. By default, Siren Investigate looks for the record that matches your query string across all entity tables in the dataspace.

You cannot include entity tables with external revision indices in the global search if the field you chose as the record identifier is declared in other entity tables with a different type. This prevents the indices from being searched together.

You can use dynamic filters to help you search your data, see Dynamic filters.

Displaying and filtering search results

You can interact with the search results in the following ways:

  • From the search results, click a record to view its details in an expanded view.

  • You can drag search results into the graph browser and map visualizations.

  • When you hover over a search result, the Filter icon appears. Click the Filter icon to open the search result in a dashboard. In the Filter to dashboard window, select the dashboard and click Apply filter.