Release notes



  • Upgraded to Elasticsearch 8.11.4.

  • Added the truncation trace in search requests executed with the adaptive query planner.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed an issue that created a stage node for a cached join in the adaptive query planner.

  • Fixed an issue with the creation of function_score queries when the boost_mode parameter isn’t passed explicitly.



  • Upgraded to Elasticsearch 8.11.3

Bug fixes

  • Fixed an incomplete response when doing an aggregation and no index could match the request due to a date range filter.

  • Fixed an issue on cache key definition when runtime fields were defined at query time.

  • Fixed an issue on a cached join when its parent was shared by two other parents.

  • Fixed an issue when computing the index scan cost, where the field existed but without terms in a segment.

  • Fixed a concurrency issue in multi-conditional index joins.

  • Fixed a concurrency issue in Point-In-Time query shard cache.

  • Fixed a concurrency issue in AQP reports.



  • Upgraded to Elasticsearch 8.11.1

  • Added a circuit-breaker mechanism that makes multi-conditional joins fail fast if the INDEX_JOIN strategy needs to perform many index lookups that require a long processing time.

  • Updated the off-heap memory settings siren.memory.{root,job,task}.limit to be dynamic, facilitating the setup and configuration of Federate clusters.

  • Added cache capabilities for AQP requests.

  • Enabled Point-in-Time (PIT) for inner join requests.

  • Added the keep-alive parameter for PIT requests.

  • Introduced a resource manager for better handling of the resource life-cycle.

  • Improved documentation with a table of operator compatibility for every data type.

  • Improved documentation on joins with nested fields.


  • Deprecated the Ingestion API.

    • All requests under /_siren/connector/ingestion are marked as deprecated.

    • The following settings are also marked as deprecated:

      • siren.connector.ingestions.index, siren.connector.ingestion.bulk_size, siren.connector.ingestion.fetch_size, siren.connector.ingestion.index_timeout,

  • Deprecated the Job API.

    • All requests under /_siren/connector/jobs are marked as deprecated.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed an issue when the join query is not specified. A match_all query is used by default.

  • Fixed a query cache miss when changing the order of conditions in a multi-conditional join request.

Known issues

  • Opening a PIT for remote indices is not supported.

  • Search slicing does not work with PIT.