Release notes


Bug fixes

  • Fixed a join cache issue with Elastic Stack Security’s templated queries when they include placeholders such as {{ _user: }}.

  • Fixed an issue in the siren_dataspaces query that could prevent users from seeing documents in Siren Investigate when hitting the join cache.

  • Removed the execution of a SQL query when validating datasources; the connection is now validated by checking that the Avatica TLS Server instance is reachable over the network.

  • Removed the autoCommit setting from Avatica connections. If required, autoCommit can be forced to have specific values in the Avatica TLS Server configuration.

  • Fixed a rare issue where a cluster was unable to initialize a Federate job due to a closed RootBufferManager on a node.



  • Publication of minor documentation change.



  • Upgrades to Elasticsearch 7.13.4

Breaking changes

  • The minimal JDK required for Federate plugin is set to JDK 11. The recommendation is to use the bundled JDK of Elasticsearch platform.



  • Upgrades to Elasticsearch 7.13.3

  • Improves the capabilities of a join on a runtime field. A join query involving one or more runtime fields now supports using the HASH_JOIN or BROADCAST_JOIN algorithms. The INDEX_JOIN algorithm only supports a join with a runtime field on the right side.

  • Fixes broken links in PDF documentation.

  • Improves the selection of shards for the creation of point in time to maximize the use of query cache.

  • Removes the Volcano planner for selecting the optimal join implementation.

Breaking changes

  • Deprecates property in favor of siren.memory.root.limit setting. The use of the deprecated setting will now have no effect and will log a warning message (removal planned in next release).

  • Removes the compatibility with a boolean join.

  • Paginating a search request with the scroll API is not supported anymore after the deprecation of the scroll API in Elasticsearch. Instead, the pagination must be done using the search_after feature.

  • If using SearchGuard as the security system, the node-level setting searchguard.allow_custom_headers: "siren.*" must be added to each node of the cluster.

  • The minimal JDK required for Federate plugin is set to JDK 11. The recommendation is to use the bundled JDK of Elasticsearch platform.

Bug fixes

  • Fixes issue where no shard was selected for the opening of a point in time, which could have happened if shards were not started.

  • Job cancel transport action was blocking the management thread pool leading to a deadlock situation. The cancel action now extends the Elasticsearch task cancel API to avoid this situation.

  • Restore the permissions required by json-ws processor in plugin security policy.

  • Fixes an issue with Proguard and JDK11.

  • Enable the use of Elasticsearch preference parameter to limit some join queries to a subset of shards.