Release notes


Bug fixes

  • Fixed a join cache issue with Elastic Stack Security’s templated queries when they include placeholders such as {{ _user: }}.

  • Fixed an issue in the siren_dataspaces query that could prevent users from seeing documents in Siren Investigate when hitting the join cache.

  • Fixed a rare issue where a cluster was unable to initialize a Federate job due to a closed RootBufferManager on a node.

  • Fixed an issue that caused serialization errors when processing percentiles aggregation query results.

  • Fixed an issue in the job cancel transport action that could block the management thread pool, leading to a deadlock condition. The cancel action now extends the Elasticsearch task cancel API to avoid this.


Bug fixes

  • Fixed an issue that caused the preference parameter to be ignored when executing a search request.



  • Improved job throttling at the cluster level by letting the user choose the coordinator node that executes a request, instead of being picked randomly based on the preference parameter.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed a planner thread deadlock that could happen with failing data transfers between nodes.



  • Reduced the heap and CPU usage when computing a broadcast or index join on a node with more than one shard.

  • Reduced the data upload latency by improving thread management in the data upload service.

Security fixes

  • Fixed a potential leak of user information across thread contexts. If a user runs a query concurrently with another more privileged user on the same coordinator node, the search could be executed with higher privileges. This could result in an attacker gaining additional permissions against a restricted index. All versions of Federate before 7.11.2-23.0, 7.10.2-22.2, 7.9.3-21.6, 7.6.2-20.2 and 6.8.14-10.3.9 are affected by this flaw. You must upgrade to Federate version 7.11.2-23.0, 7.10.2-22.2, 7.9.3-21.6, 7.6.2-20.2 or 6.8.14-10.3.9 to obtain the fix. [CVE-2021-28938](

Bug fixes

  • Fixed an issue that caused the filter in the index alias not to be taken into account.

  • Fixed an issue that caused the Data Streams indices not to be taken into account in search requests.

  • Fixed the data output identifier of a table search scan, which impacted negatively on the join resolution and join cache hits.

  • Removed the creation of recurring tasks in the Federate wrapper for the index service.

  • Fixed the maximum concurrent uploads in the segment partitioner collector manager.

  • Removed the cluster state listener when closing the buffer allocator and data staging services.



  • Upgraded to Elasticsearch 7.10.2.