Release notes


New features

Graph Browser

  • Removed the sirenAPI showNodesWithoutTime in favor of timebarNodeVisibility for more granular control of nodes not associated with time. For more information, see the Graph Browser API documentation.

  • Added new functionality to display record fields as bullet points under a node. For more information, see Displaying record fields on nodes.

  • Added new editing tools for customizing the label and styles for nodes, edges, and groups on the graph. For more information, see Using the toolbar.

  • Added the ability to create text boxes in the Graph Browser (beta).

Dynamic filters

  • Added date range and age range dynamic filters.

  • Dynamic filter inputs now support an input mask to make searching for values with specific formats easier.

  • Minor UI improvements such as resetting filters and filtering results to dashboards.

  • Siren Search now features bookmarked searches, enabling you to save and share your searches. For more information, see Siren Search.

  • It’s now possible to have multiple search sessions open on different tabs.


  • Improved i18n support across Siren Investigate.

  • Bumped Node.js to version 20.11.1. This is the latest long-term support version by Node. For details, refer to the release changelog.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed a bug in Siren Search that prevented My Records and saved graphs loading when there was missing entity table indices.

  • The URL formatter now renders correctly on the Graph Browser selection table.

  • Fixed a bug that caused deleted nodes to reappear on a graph when the page was refreshed.

  • Addressed an issue where all fields were searchable when there were no selected fields for an entity on the data model Searching tab.

  • Fixed a bug where opening the status page could lead to an invalid default visualizer being created.