Creating sidebar groups

Sidebar groups can be used to group together visualizations that are based on the same entity table or search.

If the dashboard is associated with an entity table or search, the count of documents on the dashboard is displayed next to the dashboard name. Two additional indicators that may be displayed are:

  • Filters indicator: The filter icon is displayed if any filters or queries are currently applied on the dashboard.

  • Truncated joins indicator: A star symbol is displayed if any join operation was truncated.

You create a sidebar group by clicking the Create new group button in the dashboard menu.

The Create new group button in the Dashboard menu

To change the order of the sidebar groups and to move dashboards between groups, drag and drop them.

Editing or removing a sidebar group

Sudebar groups can be managed by right-clicking the sidebar group name to access the Edit group and Delete group options.

In Edit mode, you can change the name of the group or update the group’s icon.