What’s new in Siren Platform 13.2

For a full list of improvements, fixes, and security enhancements, see the release notes.

New dashboard layout features

Dashboards now use the flex layout making it easier to configure the layout of your visualizations.

Flex dashboard

Resizing and repositioning visualizations

When you resize and reposition visualization panels, sibling panels automatically resize and reposition to fill any available empty space. This makes it easier to maintain an organized dashboard.

Stacking visualizations

You can stack visualizations on top of each other and access them through header tabs. If there is not enough space in the visualization’s header to display all tabs, you can access them through a dropdown list.

No-scroll fit

Flex dashboards are now fitted to the relative vertical height of the viewport and do not scroll. This makes it easier to see your information.

Easier layout editing

You can now make changes to the dashboard layout in view mode without saving the changes. This allows you to temporarily modify the dashboard layout for a session. To keep any dashboard changes for future sessions, you can toggle to edit mode and save the dashboard as usual.