Selecting entities in a graph

The Selection tab allows you to view the selected graph data in a table (grid) format, so that you can easily display, search, filter, sort, group, and change node or link data.

In the data grid, every row represents a node in the graph and every column represents field-related information.

Using the Selection tab controls

The dropdown menu allows you to focus your selection by document type.

The Filter field allows you to set a global filter on the selected data in the grid.

An additional local filter field is available below each field title, which allows you to filter by the content within a field.

Each row has a check icon, which allows you to select individual rows in the grid to display in the graph. The graph updates dynamically as you filter data in the grid.

To clear any non-selected nodes from the graph, click Make main selection.

The grid menu

The grid menu contains the following controls:

  • Refresh grid data

  • Clear all filters

  • Hide empty columns

  • Export selected data as CSV

Grid formatters

The values in the grid are formatted by standard formatters and the raw values are always visible in the tooltip. The grid is sorted by the raw values.

The date field can be formatted globally from the advanced settings.

The column menu

Each column contains a menu that is available when you click expand down arrow alongside the column title.

The following menu options are available:

  • Change the sort order by ascending or descending. You can select multiple columns at once by keeping the Shift key pressed while selecting columns.

  • Hide a column.

  • Group the data.

  • Add an aggregated function, the result of which will be displayed at the bottom.

  • Pin the column to the left or right side of the grid. This keeps the selected column visible as you scroll through other columns.