What’s new in Siren Platform 11.1

The following feature enhancements are available in Siren Platform version 11.1.

For a full list of improvements, fixes, and security enhancements, see the release notes.

New features

Redesigned Graph Browser toolbar

The Graph Browser toolbar has been redesigned to provide a better user experience and lay the foundations for upcoming improvements. Learn more.

Graph Browser toolbar

Auditing user sessions

If you want to perform internal audits, the new session auditing feature allows you to configure Siren Investigate to log the actions that are performed by the logged-in user. Learn more.

Data model application

The data model configuration screen has been moved to a standalone application in the navigation menu. Learn more.

The Data model application

Improvements to dataspaces

Creating and editing dataspaces has been made simpler, with the addition of radio buttons to the dataspace sharing options.

When you specify the user groups who will share a dataspace, you can set their access permissions by simply selecting Read or Read/Write. Learn more.

Versions and compatibility

Compatibility with Elastic Cloud

Siren Investigate can now be used with clusters that are running in Elastic Cloud and Elastic Cloud Enterprise (ECE) when a compatible version of the Siren Federate plugin is installed.