Editing documents

If document editing is enabled for the current index pattern search and you have user permissions to edit its documents, the toolbar at the bottom of the table has an additional Add New button that you can use to create new documents from scratch.

Dashboard Record Table with 'Add New' button

Similarly, the expanded view of a document displays Edit and Delete buttons that let you change the values of document fields or delete the document entirely.

Expanded View with 'Edit' and 'Delete' buttons

To start editing the document, click Edit. Some fields are blocked for editing, specifically the primary key, which is used by the revision index to track documents and the fields that are black-listed during the document editing setup. Metadata fields, such as _id and _index, are also blocked for editing.

As you edit the document fields, it’s useful to keep notes about the changes. Click on the Add revision notes button to open a pop-up window where you can enter notes to be stored with the applied changes.

Revision Notes

When you are satisfied with the changes, click Save to store the changed document in the revision index.

Save Revision