Release Notes



  • Includes performance improvements and a reduction of the bundle size.

  • Improved error messages for disabled or missing plug-ins.

Breaking Changes

  • AngularJS library is now updated to version 1.7.9 from 1.4.8.

  • Siren Alert reports are now disabled by default. To use reports, set the flag to true.

Bug Fixes

  • Graph counts not showing due to an invalid gremlin script.

  • A Lens helper error when using groups in the the Graph Browser.

  • An error that displays when Siren Investigate is started on the Windows operating system.

  • An issue with the quick filter control visualization.

  • Issues when editing an index pattern search with missing data.

  • Automatically-suggested relations that have a count of zero.

  • An issue when changing the join type in advanced settings for relations.

  • An issue with visual builder when changing the interval value.

  • An error when getting the default configuration of the multi-chart visualization.


  • Added first high performance graph algorithm: shortest path contextual script can be used on the graph

  • Added localization capabilities

  • Added white-labeling capabilities, including configurable favicon, logo and page title

  • Added new customizable watcher template functionality to allow fine-grained control of custom watchers

  • Added watcher alarm security to allow the creator to restrict which users can see alarms

  • Added capability to export and import Investigate saved object with dependencies

  • Works on Elasticsearch 6.8.6 with Federate, older versions of Elasticsearch also supported

  • New beta plugin: Export graph to i2 Analyst Notebook format

  • Added OpenID support

  • Improvements to system migration and upgrade process

  • Added ability to load and filter WFS overlays on Enhanced Tilemap

  • Added option to autofit map bounds to data

  • Improved filtering in Saved Objects management

  • Numbers on graph (count of links) get updated when changing the active relations either automatically or on request with an update button

  • Graph Browser Lenses now receive whole current graph to improve results for the size and graph metrics lens

  • Fix for Graph Browser aggregated relations on 6.5.4

  • Switching to another dashboard or removing all nodes on the Graph Browser now cancels all count requests

  • Siren now also works when connected to OpenDistro clusters

  • Nested JSON types can now be exported from the record table

  • Multiple Enhanced Tilemaps now synchronize map extent between each other on a dashboard

  • Enhanced Tilemap now retains layer selection after refresh

  • Enhanced Tilemap now useable when no data present

  • Desaturate map tiles now works for all overlays in Enhanced Tilemap, not just base layers

  • Fixed bug in Data Reflection where nodes or relations with spaces in the name caused SyntaxError

  • Fix for dashboard search error in a new project

  • Siren ML now prints logs on Windows deployment

  • Dashboard 360 filters now apply correctly to all visualizations

  • Disabled filtering no longer impacting dashboard export

  • Fixed fatal error when expanding node in topic clustering visualization

  • Removed tooltip showing visualization name in record table

  • Fixed issue in control visualization where focus was jumping between input areas

  • Fixed error in dashboard auto-generation without time filter selected

  • Fixed error in neo4j import process where moving back to the confirm step then clicking to move to the next step would cause an error

  • The 'OR filter' created with our CTRL feature now creates same filter as an 'IS ONE OF filter'

  • Fixed failure in migrations of indexes from Elasticsearch 5.x due to “_all” field

  • Avoiding high radius error in heat map layer in Coordinate Map by setting maximum safe radius

  • Improvements to the data model configuration page instructions

  • Improved Gremlin server error handling in Graph Browser

  • Fixed Alert critical error when webhook returns string instead of JSON