Siren Platform User Guide

Connecting to Remote Datasources

The Siren Federate plugin provides the capability to query data in remote datasources through the Elasticsearch API by mapping tables to virtual indices.

The plugin stores its configuration in two Elasticsearch indices:

  • .siren-federate-datasources: used to store the JDBC configuration parameters of remote datasources.
  • .siren-federate-indices: used to store the configuration parameters of virtual indices.

Other indices are also used for different features: - .siren-federate-target: used to store the target of virtual index aliases. - .siren-federate-ingestions: used to store the ingestions configurations. - .siren-federate-joblogs: used to store logs of ingestion jobs.

Datasources and virtual indices can be managed using the REST API or the user interface available in Siren Investigate.

These indices are created automatically when required.