Siren Platform User Guide

CSV and Excel file import


Be aware that files greater than 20 MB may crash your browser depending on you PC specification.

Choose a file (Step 1)

Drag and drop file into import panel or select a file to import from the file browser. When file is uploaded, select the sheet to import. If there are is a previously defined configuration for the data you wish to import, this will be used in help in step 2.

Configure indexing (Step 2)

To configure the import of a file, follow these steps:

Transform pipeline:

A transformation pipeline can be defined to enrich the documents before import.


A transformation that relies on external web services to enrich the documents that is slow to respond could result in a stall of the import process.

It is a known issue. If you face such an issue, then go to Management → Advanced Settings and reduce ingest-xlsx:bulk_package_size

Index settings:

Define the index name, specify a primary key or create a composite key based on multiple fields and remove unwanted columns.


Data reflection tries to guess the mapping of the columns in the CSV however its recommended to cross-check and define the desired mapping.

After configuring the import, click import button at the bottom to start the import. The import configuration can be saved at this stage and reused for a future import.


After the import has completed the results will be displayed. Errors such as: certain documents (rows) not conforming to your mappings will also be shown and be remedied be going back to step 2 and adjusting mappings.

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