Siren Platform User Guide

What’s new in Siren 10.2

Siren Platform

  • Elasticsearch 6.5.4 compatibility: Including improvements to security role management.

  • Community Edition This fully featured edition of the Siren Platform can be used indefinitely with certain limitations.

Siren Investigate

  • CSV and JSON export: Allows full export of filtered data directly downloaded in the web browser via the Enhanced search results visualization.

  • PDF and PNG export: Allows the ability to export current dashboard visualizations to PDF and PNG formats.

  • Enhanced data table Advanced features like computed columns and filter bar.

  • Parallel lines correlation explorer Arranges several metrics on parallel columns. Most useful on number-heavy datasets.

  • Autorelations : Enhanced usability of automatic data model relation setup with improved performance and reliability.

  • Graph browser : Enhanced significant term aggregation. Usability and labeling improvements.

Siren Datasource Reflection and CSV Import [Beta]

  • Datasource Reflection: Allows reflection of datasources in Elasticsearch with custom field mapping, transformations and job scheduling.

  • CSV and Excel Import s: Allow easy import of spreadsheets and other data into the platform.

Siren Federate

  • Neo4J: Neo4J JDBC datasource connector .

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