Siren Platform User Guide


You can define templates to format the results of a query on an external datasource and the results of an Elasticsearch query in a Enhanced search results visualization.3.12. Legacy REST datasources3.5.2 Enhanced search results visualization

Siren Investigate supports three template engines:

There are four pre-defined templates:

  • kibi-json-jade: this template presents the query results as a pretty-printed JSON object using the jade engine. This is useful to test queries while writing them.
  • kibi-table-jade: this template displays the query results in a table, using the jade engine.
  • kibi-table-handlebars: like kibi-table-jade, using the handlebars engine instead.
  • kibi-html-angular: this template for each document displays a panel
  • populated with all property values (Currently supported only in Enhanced
  • search results visualization)

You can define your own custom template by clicking the Settings / Templates tab.

Then, pick the engine you prefer and write the template; to see a preview, click Save and select a query from the list; depending on the query you selected, the EntityURI may need to be set.3.12. Legacy REST datasources

Query template editor