Siren Platform User Guide

How to name relations

Naming is a very hard problem in any domain. In Siren, naming entities and relationships incorrectly will result in dashboards that are difficult to navigate.

When naming things, imagine yourself in the place of the user at the moment where the relational navigation is performed. Say that you are looking at companies, how would you refer to investments?

A possibly natural way is to say that a company received an investment. However, if you are thinking of investment, you can say it has been secured by a company.

In the user interface, look at the directions of the arrows and think of X relationship Y and Y relationship X. For example:

How to name relations

In this case we are using two different verbs, but often the simple solution is to use active/passive, for example "saw and "seen by". Sometimes the inverse is the same property is the same, for example "brother of" or "spouse".

As a general rule, it is always best to keep things quite short. For example, source/is source of and so on.

For more information about the component that provides the navigation between relationally connected dashboards, see Relational Navigator.3.10.1. Relational Navigator