Siren Platform User Guide

Data model

To use Siren Investigate you must define the data that you want to explore by configuring the data model.

From ManagementData Model, you can create:

  • Index pattern searches: A search based on a pattern that matches one or more Elasticsearch indices or virtual indices (see Siren Investigate datasource configuration).

  • Child searches: A sub-search based on an index pattern search created by adding more specific filters or queries.

  • Entity identifiers (EIDs): A virtual entity concept used to connect data sets using common concepts. For example, a company is located in a city and an investor lives in a city. There is no direct relation between the two data sets, but investors can be found in the same city in which the company is located. 

Data may also be in an index, either directly in Elasticsearch or in a Virtual Index mapped to an external JDBC datasource.