Siren Platform User Guide

Edit dashboard groups

Create New Dashboard Group

In the left dashboard panel, you can change the order of the dashboard groups and move dashboards between groups by dragging and dropping.

Dashboard groups can be managed by clicking the Create new group icon in the dashboard panel, and by right clicking the dashboard group name to get Edit and Delete options.

Dashboard Group Edit Panel

In edit, you can change the title of an existing group, set the icon to a custom image by inserting a URL or use a Font Awesome icon.

Refreshing the search results

You can configure a refresh interval to automatically refresh the page with the latest index data. This periodically resubmits the search query.

When a refresh interval is set, it is displayed to the left of the Time Filter in the menu bar.

To set the refresh interval:

  1. Click Time Filter (fa-clock-o.png).
  2. Click the Refresh Interval tab.
  3. Choose a refresh interval from the list.

To automatically refresh the data, click Auto-refresh (fa-repeat.png) when the time picker is open and select an auto refresh interval:

uto refresh intervals

When auto-refresh is enabled, Siren Investigate’s top bar displays a Pause (fa-pause.png) button and the auto-refresh interval.