Siren Platform User Guide

What’s new in Siren 10.1

Siren Platform

  • Elasticsearch 6.3.2 compatibility: Includes the ability to query Elastic indices using SQL, rollups and Java 10.

  • Performance: Improvements, including job cancellations and job throttling.

Siren Investigate

  • Graph browser: Big data aggregates on edges, group nodes, heatmap mode, keyboard shortcuts and CSV export.

  • Management: Improvements to data model and saved searches.

  • Relational model: Improved with nested searches directly shown in the data model.

  • Time filter: Improved creation.

Siren Alert

  • Alert wizard and templates: Watchers are now easily and intuitively accessible through the Siren Investigate user interface.

  • Watcher templates for business: Can be invoked directly from dashboards.

  • Visual wizard: For threshold alert creations.

Siren Federate

  • Oracle: improved performance.

Beta features

Beta features are unsupported. For more information, refer to the documentation on the Siren Labs page.

  • Autorelations: An experimental feature that analyses data fields in indices and suggests relations that can be created in the data model.

  • Enhanced tiled map plugin: A tiled map visualization with layers.

  • Correlation explorer plugin: A visualization the can chart many dimensions together to explore correlations.

  • Enhanced table plugin: An enhanced data table with pivot functionality.

  • Excel import plugin: A plugin that enables the import of spreadsheet data in CSV and XLSX format.