Siren Platform User Guide

Enhanced search results

The 3.5.2 Enhanced search results visualization displays the current set of Elasticsearch documents as a table. For example, Companies Table is configured to display the following fields:3.5.2 Enhanced search results visualization

  • Time (foundation date)
  • label (the company name)
  • description
  • category_code
  • founded_year
  • countrycode
  • Why Relevant? (a relational column)3.5.2 Enhanced search results visualization
Companies Table

Select Edit, then click Edit (fa-pencil.png) to choose which fields to display and customize the order of the columns. If the index is time based, the Time column will always be displayed.

Click the right arrow to expand the first row, then scroll down to the homepage_url field and click the Toggle column icon:

Column positioning.

You can click the arrows to move the column to the desired position:

Column positioning.
Click handlers

You can define click handlers on cells to perform several actions. Let’s add a click handler to open the company homepage when clicking the cell displaying the URL.

The table is preconfigured with a click handler on label that is used to select an entity in the SQLite database.

  1. Go into edit mode.

  2. Scroll through the view options and click Add click handler.

  3. From the Column box, select homepage_url.

  4. From the On click I want to box, select Follow the URL.

  5. Select homepage_url as the URL field,  then click Apply Changes (fa-play.png).

You can test the click handler immediately by clicking a cell displaying a homepage URL in the preview displayed on the right:

URL click handler.
Relational columns

You can enable the relational column to be displayed when an Elasticsearch document is matched by a query on the SQLite database. The relational column reports on the relationship, based on the queries configured.

In the following example, in the Companies Table, you can see that Big Fish is listed here because it has competitors.

Relational column example.
Relational column configuration
Saving the visualization

Click Save in the top right to save the visualization, then click Dashboard to go back to the Companies dashboard. For additional documentation about this visualization, see 3.5.2 Enhanced search results visualization.3.5.2 Enhanced search results visualization