Siren Platform User Guide

Fingerprinting index pattern searches

Fingerprints are additional metadata that Siren Investigate can automatically associate with any index pattern search defined on the data set.

Fingerprint metadata is calculated at the field level and taken as a static snapshot of the data set at the time of calculation. It is indicative of the content of the analyzed fields, and contains useful metrics that other algorithms (for example the Relations Wizard) can retrieve later without having to calculate them repeatedly.

Click Refresh Fingerprints and select the index pattern searches to calculate fingerprints on.


To inspect calcualted fingerprints, go to Management > Fields and click Toggle Fingerprint View.


Typically, it is only necessary to refresh fingerprints when the data set schema changes, a significant amount of data is indexed, or when upgrading to a new version of Siren Investigate (because the set of calculated fingerprints may have changed).

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