Siren Platform User Guide

CSV and XLSX import wizard

The XLSX Import wizard enables you to import spreadsheet data in either Microsoft Excel XML (XLSX) or comma separated value (CSV) format.


Very large files may cause the wizard to stop working.

  1. Navigate to the XLSX Import page.

  2. Drag a CSV or XLSX file over the Import your xlsx and csv file to ElasticSearch box. Alternatively, click Select or drag and drop file to select your file from the file navigator.

  3. Select the sheet to import from the box and click Next.

  4. Enter a unique Index name. If the index already exists you can click Fetch Mapping From Index to update fields with matching names. Alternatively, you can select Delete Index Before Importing to replace the original index.

  5. (Optional) Select Use Custom storage primary key? to compose a custom primary key that will be stored in the _id field in the storage, overwriting other records with the same ID. For example, {firstname}_{lastname}:{employee_id}.

  6. (Optional) From the Removing columns box, select any columns you want to remove. You can start typing in the box to filter the list. You can click the X to restore any columns you added to the list.

  7. (Optional) Select Use Custom Mapping? to specify a custom mapping:

    1. Select a Type from the box:

      1. Text (Allows Word Cloud)

      2. Keyword (For Aggregations)

      3. Integer

      4. Short

      5. Long

      6. Double

      7. Float

      8. Date

      9. Boolean

      10. Byte

      11. Binary

      12. IP

      13. Geo Point

      14. Geo Shape

    2. (Optional) Select Multi-Valued? and enter a delimiter in the box (for example, ,) or select Parse as JSON array.

    3. (Optional) Select Advanced Mapping? to merge JSON formatted properties with the Elasticsearch mapping definition for the field. For example, {"fielddata":true}.

  8. When you are happy with your selection, click Import. After a file is imported successfully, a report is generated and you can click Create an Index Pattern Search.


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