Siren Platform User Guide

Accessing Siren Investigate

Siren Investigate is a web application that you access through port 5606. All you need to do is point your web browser at the machine where Siren Investigate is running and specify the port number. For example, http://localhost:5606 or

When you access Siren Investigate, the Discover page loads by default with the default index pattern selected. The time filter is set to the last 15 minutes and the search query is set to match-all (*).

If you do not see any documents, try setting the time filter to a wider time range. If you still do not see any results, it is possible that you do not have any documents.

Checking Siren Investigate status

You can reach the Siren Investigate server’s status page by navigating to http://localhost:5606/status. The status page displays information about the server’s resource usage and lists the installed plugins.

Siren Investigate status page.
Collecting Elasticsearch diagnostics

Click Elasticsearch diagnostics to generate a single file by collecting different metrics about your Elasticsearch cluster. All collected information are saved to a local file and never transferred over a network. You can see a full list of Elasticsearch API calls by clicking the more info icon.

Siren Investigate status page diagnostics help.


For JSON formatted server status details, use the API endpoint at http://localhost:5601/api/status.

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