Siren Platform User Guide

Opening Siren Investigate

After starting Elasticsearch and Siren Investigate as described in Setting up Siren Investigate, from your web browser navigate to http://localhost:5606.

Navigation sidebar

The left sidebar is used to navigate between apps in Siren Investigate.

It can be expanded or contracted using the expand/contract (fa-play-circle.png) button at the bottom of the sidebar.

By default, Siren Investigate displays the Articles dashboard. Dashboards can be configured to display multiple visualizations on the documents stored in a specific index or returned by a saved search on an index pattern.

Each dashboard is represented by a tab containing the dashboard title and the number of documents available for visualizations.

The articles dashboard.

You can quickly search specific articles through the search input in the navigation bar. For example, let’s find all the articles written about wireless or Wi-Fi:

The dashboard search bar

We can immediately see that there are 11595 articles about those topics and all the visualizations are refreshed to aggregate data for this subset of articles.


In addition to simple text, queries in the search bar can be written using the Lucene query syntax, or Elasticsearch Query DSL.

Search results

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