Siren Platform User Guide

Creating filters with the Relational Navigator

The Relational Navigator visualization enables you to create cross-dashboard filters. For example, from Companies in the dashboard, you can see that there are 470 companies mentioned in TechCrunch articles about wireless or Wi-Fi.

Relational filter from articles to companies

The relational filter created by clicking the button is displayed in the filter bar, and can be switched off or removed, just like any other filter. Moving the mouse pointer over the filter will display the list of joined indices and their filters:

Relational filter in the filter bar

Relational filters can be accumulated. For example, if you click Investment rounds -→, you will see data about the 351 investment rounds related to a subset of 470 companies mentioned in the TechCrunch articles about wireless or Wi-Fi. For more information, see Relational Navigator.

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