Siren Platform User Guide

Siren Investigate query viewer

This visualization displays the results from multiple queries on external datasources using query templates.

To add a query to the visualization, click Add query and set the following parameters:

  • Label: The caption for the table, in case of a table template like kibi-table-jade. This sets the variable label to the given value.
  • Source query: The query used by the template.
  • Template: The template used to render results returned by Source query.

If one of the source queries requires an entity to be selected, you can set an entity URI for testing in the input field above the preview.

If a source query is not activated, the corresponding template will not be rendered.

The following image shows the configuration and output of a templated query viewer visualization for a selected company:

Configuration of a Siren Investigate query viewer visualization

Advanced options

By clicking the Advanced link, you can set additional rendering options.

It is possible to set additional template variables by writing them as JSON object properties in the Template variables text area.

For example, to customize the heading of the generic table template (this is done automatically by the Label input field above), which is set by default to the id of the source query, you can customize the label variable as follows:

    "label": "Info"

By default, template contents are hidden and can be displayed by clicking the show link in the heading; to make template contents visible by default, check Render opened box.

Advanced options

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