Siren Platform User Guide

Configuring the plugin manager

By default, the plugin manager provides you with feedback on the status of the activity you have asked the plugin manager to perform. You can control the level of feedback with the --quiet and --silent options. Use the --quiet option to suppress all non-error output. Use the --silent option to suppress all output.

By default, plugin manager requests do not time out. Use the --timeout option, followed by a time, to change this behavior, as in the following examples:

Wait 30 seconds before failing

bin/investigate plugin --install username/sample-plugin --timeout 30s

Wait one minute before failing

bin/investigate plugin --install username/sample-plugin --timeout 1m

Plugins and custom Siren Investigate configurations

Use the -c or --config options to specify the path to the configuration file used to start Siren Investigate. By default, Siren Investigate uses the configuration file config/investigate.yml. When you change your installed plugins, the bin/investigate plugin command restarts the Siren Investigate server. When you are using a customized configuration file, you must specify the path to that configuration file each time you use the bin/investigate plugin command.

Plugin manager exit codes




Unknown command or incorrect option parameter


I/O error


Other error

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