Siren Platform User Guide

Creating relationships

Relationships are defined from a Class to other Classes. But, it is not possible to define a relationship between two entity identifiers.

A relationship is defined as a join operation between two indices with the following fields:

  • The Left Field: the field of the local index to join on;
  • Right Class: (the EID or Index pattern) to connect to;
  • Right Field (only if the Right Class is an Index Pattern): the field of the right index to join with; and
  • Label: the label of the relation.
Data model

New relations are created by clicking Add Relation. Relations do not need to be created in both originating and target classes as they appear automatically in both edit screens when created.

Clicking Visualize data model as a graph will show it in a visual representation where the currently selected class is highlighted, for example in this case

Relations Graph

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