Siren Platform User Guide

Add to dashboard

You have officially harnessed the power of Timelion to create time series visualizations. The final step of this tutorial is to add your new visualizations to a dashboard. This section will show you how to save a visualization from your Timelion sheet and add it to an existing dashboard.

To save a Timelion visualization as a dashboard panel:

  1. Select the visualization you would like to add to one (or multiple) dashboards.
  2. Click the Save option in the top menu.
  3. Select Save current expression as Kibana dashboard panel.
  4. Name your panel and click Save to save as a dashboard visualization.

Now you can add this dashboard panel to any dashboard you would like. This visualization will now be listed in the Visualize list. Go ahead and follow the same process for the rest of the visualizations you created.

Create a new dashboard or open an existing one to add the Timelion visualizations as you would any other visualization.

timelion save02


You can also create time series visualizations from the Visualize page. Select the time series visualization type and enter a Timelion expression in the expression field.

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