Siren Platform User Guide


Siren Alert provides a wizard to help create watchers using a step-by-step sequence.

  1. Give the watcher a name and choose an execution frequency. For example, run every day.

  2. Specify the input query parameters and the condition to trigger on (based on a date histogram aggregation. For example, trigger an alert when there are more than two articles in an hour during the day.

  3. To send an alert, set up a variety of actions to happen when your condition is met. For example, send a HTML-formatted email injected with data from the watcher and query response using the mustache templating language.

Step 1: New watcher

The first step is to give our Watcher a name and choose an execution frequency

Step 2: Input query

The input query is the focal part of our watcher. Make sure time-range fields are dynamic.

Step 3: Condition

Condition is used as a gate to validate if the results received back are worth processing.

Step 4: Transform

Our data may need adjustments or post processing. Process our payload using a javascript expression/script.

Step 5: Actions

Our data is ready. Let’s form a notification using the mustache templating language

Step 6: Expert mode

Here’s our fully formed Siren Alert JSON watcher in all its beauty.

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