Siren Platform User Guide


Siren Alert is an App Plugin that extends Siren Investigate with dynamic Alerting and Reporting functionality

Designed to monitor, validate and inform users and systems on data series changes using standard or join queries, programmable result validators, transformers and templates to send out notifications using a variety of configurable actions reaching users, interfacing with remote APIs for data and commands, generating new Elasticsearch documents, arbitrary metrics towards any other platform, planting triggers for itself to use and so much more.

Siren Alert compared to X-Pack

Siren Alert provides X-Pack-like alerting and reporting functionality directly within Siren Investigate in the form of a powerful plugin, leveraging all available native features such as a secure client for queries and extending the user interface with tools for managing configuration, scheduling and handling executions of user alerts and reports.

Siren Alert is also transparent to the Elasticsearch clusters it monitors, appearing as a normal client and requiring no complex installation, restarts and no licensing fees.

Powered by the many I/O modules the Node.JS community offers, Siren Alert usage is not limited to Elasticsearch and its capabilities can easily be extended to fully interface with third party datasources and platforms for ingress and egress data.

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