Siren Platform User Guide

Siren Investigate 10.0.1

Siren Investigate Changes


  • Added Elasticsearch 5.6.10 compatibility.
  • Added search engine option to enhanced data table visualization.


  • Fixed the styling of a clickable link in the relational navigator parameter editor.
  • Improved the configuration upgrade process to add old defaults only if they are needed.
  • Raw CSV exported from the data table now handles fields with commas correctly.



Siren plugins can now be found in the siren_plugins/ folder but any third-party plugins should still be installed into the plugins/ folder.

Graph browser


  • Improved handling of data without geo fields when the map is enabled
  • Improved performance by making requests from the sidebar only when it is open and the correct tab is selected.
  • Improved selection performance in the sidebar by changing the order of data operations.
  • Added some minor style improvements to the sidebar data table.
  • The expand by relations modal now shows all relations, not just the first 500.


  • Fixed bidirectional arrows not rendering correctly on the graph.
  • Fixed links not appearing on the graph on load by improving how fields on a * index-pattern are handled.
  • Made some fixes to lens script error handling.

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