Siren Platform User Guide

Siren Investigate 10.0.0-beta-3

Siren Investigate Changes


  • Fixed a bug in relational buttons that would remove parts of the state if a request from the button was null.
  • Completely refactored how automatically generated buttons are rendered to handle the number of requests sent on dashboard navigation.
  • Fixed 'Hide Borders' function. It now hides the borders….


  • Now the upgrade command backs up the configuration index by default.
  • Removed some redundant advanced settings (for example siren:zoom).
  • JDBC datasources have been removed from the management/saved_objects page.


Graph Browser


  • Optimized edge-count strategy, reducing time spent on expand actions by half, in some cases.
  • Rewrote the logic to compute counts for nodes. Big speed up, no more missing relations.
  • Now supports nodes with millions of relations.
Access Control


  • Added admin.ssl.keyPassphrase option to searchguard ssl options.


  • Fixed bug in Next arrow where it would return to the beginning of the list each time.
Gremlin Server


  • Siren Gremlin Server now checks that an index mapping exists before trying to fetch the mapping. This prevents a non-blocking error report on startup with no index-pattern.

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