Siren Platform User Guide

Siren Investigate 10.0.0-beta-2

Siren Investigate Changes


  • Added Elasticsearch 5.6.8 compatibility.
  • Added an JDBC datasource browser that enables the user to browse the datasource that is used when creating a virtual index and to select which table to import.
  • Now the system offers to automatically add a saved search when creating an index pattern.
  • After index creation, the user is now taken to the new index’s edit page for modification, if needed.
  • EID buttons now reflect changes to counts in the data, for example after applying a filter.
  • Added a user confirmation to the CLI upgrade procedure to check if the user has backed up their .siren index.
  • Investigate now handles empty index patterns more gracefully.
  • The relational graph in the Indexes and Relations section is moved to a tab.
  • Total Duration time of a request is now displayed on the Spy Panel.
  • Added config file migration for investigate.ymls to enable migration between post-10 versions.
  • Added migrations for custom configuration .ymls or .ymls in custom folders.


  • Text filter to search relations and edit relational buttons now responds to text input.
  • Now the date is reset when the user cancels an edit in a saved dashboard.
  • Relations with no destination other than the EID are not listed in the automatic relational buttons.
  • Fixed a crash when filtering visualisations.
  • Added support for siren:timePrecision back in.
  • URL shortener in Dashboard Share panel now generating shortened URLs correctly.
  • Fixed intermittent error where dashboard ID was not passed correctly to relational buttons.
  • Enable creation of index pattern directly from create virtual index page without manually editing index pattern name.
  • Fixed bug in saving dashboard in Saved Objects after making no changes.
  • Spy panel now only listed permitted modes.
  • Users trying to access dashboards or index patterns without ACL permissions are shown more graceful errors.
  • The dashboard sidebar and relational buttons now show warning symbols when attempting to get counts from un-authorized dashboards.
  • Fixed bug when 500 error returned if attempting to edit an index pattern without permissions.
  • Config file validation check now runs when the upgrade CLI command is run.
  • Config file migration now accepts custom config files/folders.
  • The timefilter dashboard sync panel is now shown even if the user is denied access to the dashboard by ACL.
  • Fixed a crash when clicking colorpicker in Timeseries visualization configuration.
  • Now returning an error if there is no config file in the config folder.
  • Newly created relation labels are available for selection in other relations without a save.
  • Auto dashboard generation

    • Visualisations created with Generate Dashboard were not associated to the saved search, now they are.
    • Storing the time in the dashboard now causes the generated visualizations to fit the target time interval.
    • Fixes issues with sidebar dash counts after a generation, like neverending spinners.
    • Added a report for Generate, that enables users to change visualization titles.
    • Both Autoselect and Generate reports enable sorting by column and selection of output items.
    • Improved filtering of common undesired distributions in Autoselect.
    • More descriptive visualization names in Generate.
  • Minor UI fixes:

    • Dashboard sidebar click and drag functionality improved.
    • Siren Investigate logo quality improved.
    • Sidebar scrollbar color was changed to match theme.
    • Position of Home tool tip on logo was fixed.


Graph Browser
  • Graph browser functions have moved into a sidebar which enable listing, display and manipulation of the data and filters in tabular format.
  • Select edge script now works when relation count = 1.
  • Graph browser now handles nested index patterns and multiple entities matching an index pattern.
  • A button is added to show inverse relations on the graph.
  • Changes in the graph now persist when navigating to other tabs.
  • Arrows are added to the relations for Entities unless the labels for both relationships are the same.
Access Control
  • Fixed a bug when deleting a duplicated rule has no effect.
  • Now an error shows on the login page if there is no connection to Elasticsearch.
  • The check for a valid license is now cached for an hour, leading to improved performance when navigating between routes.
  • If a user without permissions attempts to upload a license then an error is shown.
Gremlin Server
  • The gremlin server will now shutdown if the connection to Elasticsearch is not available.
  • The text in the legend no longer overflows the legend box.
  • The color picker is now back beside the hex color input box.

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