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Index to index relations

When two entities are directly connected

For example, let’s take the following indices:


an index containing articles; each document in the index has a field called companies which is an array that contains the ID of companies mentioned in the article. This index is displayed on the dashboard entitled Articles.


an index containing information about companies; each document in the index has a field called id that contains the ID of the company. This index is displayed on the dashboard entitled Companies.

Both indices are configured so that they are joined on the field companies of article with the field id of company. Then, it is possible to use that configuration to create a relational filter that would filter companies based on connected articles (or vice-versa).

In the Articles dashboard, the relational navigator visualization is displayed as a button which indicates the number of documents in the Companies dashboard that are mentioned in the articles of the current dashboard.

The following image shows the button for the relation described in the example; there are two possible locations from 646,896 articles currently displayed

  • 18508 companies on all companies dashboard
  • Two companies on Companies timeline analysis dashboard
Relational Navigator on the Articles dashboard

Clicking the first button will switch you to the Companies dashboard and display the 18508 companies; the relational filter is displayed in the filter bar:

Relational Navigator filter on the Companies dashboard

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