Siren Platform User Guide

Known limitations

  • Cross backend join currently supports only integer keys.
  • Cross backend support has very different scalability according to the direction of the Join, a join which involves sending IDs to a remote system will be possibly hundreds of times less scalable (for example thousands instead of millions) to one where the keys are fetched from a remote system.
  • Only terms aggregations can be nested inside a parent bucket aggregation.
  • The missing parameter in bucket aggregations is not supported.
  • Scripted fields are not supported.
  • When issuing queries containing string comparisons, the plugin does not force a specific collation, if a table behind a virtual indices uses a case insensitive collation, string comparisons will be case insensitive.
  • Wildcards on virtual index names are not supported by any API; a wildcard search will silently ignore virtual indices.
  • Currently cross cluster searches on virtual indices are not supported.

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