Siren Platform User Guide

Auto generate dashboard

If you have selected fields (or used the auto select fields feature) in Discover, you can click Generate Dashboard to auto generate a dashboard from those selected fields. This will create a new dashboard with visualizations selected to display the data in those fields.

First the generated dashboard details are shown and can be edited:

Create auto generated dashboard panel

Here, you can edit the title of the new dashboard, choose whether to store the time with the dashboard (a time filter set on the dashboard will be stored and retrieved when the dashboard is reloaded).

If you want to add a Multichart visualization to the dashboard, select the check box. Be aware that this can slow the generation of the dashboard.

The generated dashboard will be associated to a saved search, which by default is a new saved search created from the current state of the Discover page. If a saved search is currently open in the Discover page, however, you have the option to use it either before or after saving its state.

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