Siren Platform User Guide

X-Pack monitoring configuration

To store monitoring data in a cluster secured by Search Guard it is required to configure agent exporters to submit data over an authenticated HTTPS connection.

The exporter configuration in elasticsearch.yml must include the following parameters:

  • type: http.
  • host: An array of URLs that will be contacted by the exporter.
  • auth.username: The username of the Marvel agent user.
  • auth.password: The password of the Marvel agent user.
  • ssl.truststore.path: The path to the CA certificate truststore (this will usually be the same as the one specified in the Search Guard configuration).
  • ssl.truststore.password: The password of the CA certificate truststore.

For example, the following configuration defines an exporter which sends data to the cluster at https://localhost:9220, authenticating as the monitoring user:

    type: http
    host: ['https://localhost:9220']

      username: monitoring
      password: password

      truststore.path: truststore.jks
      truststore.password: password

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