Siren Platform User Guide


Search Guard add-on

JWT authentication support require the installation of the commercial Search Guard Kerberos JWT HTTP Authentication add-on; to install it, download the correct jar for your Search Guard version from this page and copy it to the plugins/search-guard-<version> folder on each node, then perform a rolling restart of the cluster.

Siren Investigate proxy

It is required that Siren Investigate and the container application are published on the same domain to enable cross frame communication; this can be achieved by implementing a proxy to Siren Investigate in the container application routes or configuring a reverse proxy on a path in the application server configuration.

JWT token issuance

The application that embeds Siren Investigate is responsible for generating JWT tokens; provides a good overview of the technology, a browser based debugging tool and a list of libraries for several platforms.

The Search Guard documentation provides an overview of all the claims supported by the add-on and a list of all the configuration options.

Note that the application must specify an expiration date claim (exp) to avoid creating tokens with unlimited duration.

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